Friday, 16 November, 2007

Vinayan is back

Vinayan is back doing what he does, making films with the youth. His latest is Hareendran Enna Nishkalangan, which has guys like Jayasurya and Manikuttan whom he introduced. The film releases this Friday (November 16), and is expected to bring some relief to superstar controlled Malayalam cinema.

The story of Hareendran Enna Nishkalangan is about how the left forces in Kerala living in a bygone era are refusing to accept changes in the industrial and social milieu. Inderjit plays the title role of Hareendran a nice guy who runs his own IT business, and he goes by the book. This lands him in trouble with the left unions, who are against any kind of software revolution in the state.

The timely story has been written by Vinayan's son Vishnu Vinayan, and it is a youth oriented film with all essential ingredients. The film has Inderjit in the lead with Jayasurya, Manikuttan, Bama, Cochin Haneefa and others. The film has music by Benny Ignatious and camera by Venugopalan.

The industry is hoping that youth centric films like Hareendran Enna Nishkalangan becomes popular with the audiences, for the betterment of Malayalam films.

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