Tuesday, 20 November, 2007

Hareendran Oru Nishkalangan - Review

Hareendran Oru Nishkalangan
Benny Ignatious
Indrajeet, Jayasurya, Bhama, Sherin, Jagathy

By Moviebuzz

Vinayan seems to be out of form these days. His latest Hareendran Oru Nishkalangan, fails to impress even though it has timely message. The trouble with the film is that it falls between two stools, and post interval there is no real story to say.

Hareendran (Indrajith) is a software tycoon who runs Starlines a very successful listed company. His right-hand man is his childhood friend Gopalakrishnan (Jayasurya), called GK. Hareendran is a nice guy, who is straightforward and trusts people blindly, while GK is a cunning fox in sheep's clothes. His sole aim in life is to con Hareendran and take over his company one day. Hareendran's mother (Ambika) fixes his marriage to Indu (Bhama) who is in love with Alex (Manikuttan), a self styled left sympathizer who threw up his IT job for the party! And GK uses his girlfriend Pooja (Sherin) to influence Hareendran to make him the executive director in Starlines.

The villainous GK uses others like a pawn in a chess game, and manipulates them to his advantage which results in Indu running away with Alex a few minutes before Hareendran was to tie the Thali around her neck! This leaves Hareendran shattered, and he becomes an alcoholic and leaves GK to run the company. But a few days later GK is brutally murdered and Hareendran is accused of killing him, and a media witch-hunt start and he is unable to defend himself even after the court acquits him and in the climax the real murderer is found!

The media targeting innocent persons and tarnishing their image is a regular occurrence in Kerala It is a very topical subject, which could have been handled with a little more care by the director. The other message in the film is about today's youth's craze for material comforts in a society ruled by share prices in the stock exchange. Indrajith looks uncomfortable in the innocent tycoon's role, Jagathy, Salim Kumar provide their usual comedy, while Jayasurya has done a similar smiling villain in Arabikatha. Bhama who made a sensational debut in Nivediyam has hardly any role, Sherin is there to provide glamour. Usually a Vinayan film will have atleast one hummable number, but Benny Ignatious's music lacks punch.

On the whole Vinayan had a very topical issue, which after his commercial packaging for entertainment purpose lost its focus and fizzled out. Better luck next time!

Verdict: Average

Friday, 16 November, 2007

SRK's Cricket Dreamz

The $3 million Indian Premier League (IPL), which takes place next year, will have Shah Rukh Khan bidding for a franchise among 90 other bidders.

However, current cricketers like Sachin will not be allowed to bid for the franchise as per the decisions made in the board. Hence players like Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, and Sourav Ganguly will play only for home teams.

It is said that apart from SRK, there are many other personalities and top businessmen among the other 90 bidders some of which includes the England based Lord Swaraj, business tycoon Vijay Mallya, Anil Ambani and Hollywood actor Russell Crowe. The floor price for the bidders has been fixed at $50 million.

Adnan Sami to host Musical Show

Composer, pianist and singer par excellence Adnan Sami, will now be taking the contestants through the musical journey that is, a brand new interactive and musical game show called Bol Baby Bol on Star One. The show talks about getting your lyrics right!

Adnan Sámi will be put on the role of the host. The game commences with the lead singer circulating amongst the audience, singing a song and the person who completes the lyrics following his / hers, gets selected for the next round.

So, brush up your lyrics and stay tuned as Adnan Sami dances to the tunes of this new exciting and interactive musical game show – ‘Bol Baby Bol’, this Friday and Saturday, that is November 16 and 17 at 9 pm on Star One.

Vinayan is back

Vinayan is back doing what he does, making films with the youth. His latest is Hareendran Enna Nishkalangan, which has guys like Jayasurya and Manikuttan whom he introduced. The film releases this Friday (November 16), and is expected to bring some relief to superstar controlled Malayalam cinema.

The story of Hareendran Enna Nishkalangan is about how the left forces in Kerala living in a bygone era are refusing to accept changes in the industrial and social milieu. Inderjit plays the title role of Hareendran a nice guy who runs his own IT business, and he goes by the book. This lands him in trouble with the left unions, who are against any kind of software revolution in the state.

The timely story has been written by Vinayan's son Vishnu Vinayan, and it is a youth oriented film with all essential ingredients. The film has Inderjit in the lead with Jayasurya, Manikuttan, Bama, Cochin Haneefa and others. The film has music by Benny Ignatious and camera by Venugopalan.

The industry is hoping that youth centric films like Hareendran Enna Nishkalangan becomes popular with the audiences, for the betterment of Malayalam films.

Thursday, 15 November, 2007

Diwali Releases review

The dust has finally settled down. The big hype surrounding the release of Deepavali movies too has come to close.

A total of half-a-dozen movie has hit the screens on Deepavali day creating great hype and expectations among the audience. Vijay's 'Azhagiya Thamizh Magan', Suriya's 'Vel', Sathyaraj's 'Kannamoochi Yaenada', 'Polladhavan' starring Dhanush, Jeevan starrer 'Machaakkaran' and 'Agra', a movie featuring newcomers.

It was celebration time at various cinema halls and multiplexes last week when these films hit the screens. Fans celebrated in joy the movies hitting the screens.

Let's check out the response and box office results of these movies.


'Vel' starring Suriya in dual roles and directed by Hari has opened in a big way. A typical Hari film with emotions, sentiments, humor woven around a couple of families, 'Vel' has managed to get positive reviews from the audience. The movie is doing well specially in B and C Centres.

'Azhagiya Tamil Magan'

Vijay's 'Azhagiya Tamil Magan' has witnessed a bumper opening. Almost all the shows in Chennai city have been running to packed houses. Vijay dons a dual role. However his role with negative shades has not gone down well with his fans. The movie features Shreya, Namitha and Ashish Vidyarthi in the cast. Rahman's music has failed to strike the right chord.


Dhanush's 'Polladhavan', a typical Chennai film, has managed to garner positive response from the masses. Directed by Vettrimaran the movie, starring Divya and Daniel Balaji in prominent roles, has catchy songs, pulsating stunt sequences and earthy humor.


Jeevan's bad guy image among the audience is the USP of 'Machaakkaran'. Directed by Thamizh Vannan, the movie starring Kamna Jethamalani opposite Jeevan has witnessed a good opening. The movie has seen good crowds in Chennai city. Yuvan's songs have failed to resurrect the movie.

'Kannamoochi Yaenada'

'Kannamoochi Yaenada', produced by Radhika Sarath Kumar and directed by Priya V, is a romantic comedy, inspired from the Hollywood film Meet the Parents. Prithviraj, Sandhya, Sathyaraj, Radhika performs with ease to make the movie worth watching. A decent family entertainer sans any skin show, ‘Kanamoochi Yaenada’ is doing well among family audience.

Gods into Tollywood Movies

Younger heroes rarely play mythological characters. So it gets exciting when the senior heroes step forward to do something different from what they have always done.

We have already seen Balakrishna in mythological roles. Soon he will be appearing as Sri Krishna in Ranga Panduranga, where he will play the dual role of the God and the devotee.

Then we already know that Nagarjuna is playing God to Vishnu in his forthcoming film which happens to be a take off from the Hollywood film Bruce Almighty.

It is said that Nagarjuna will also play Sri Krishna. No, he won’t be decked in jewels and play the proverbial God. But he will play a God in suit, a la Morgan Freeman in the original. It will be interesting to see two aspects of the same God played out by top heroes!

Wednesday, 14 November, 2007

Indrajith to Tamil

Indrajith has been one of the young actors in Malayalam cinema who is showing much promise with his natural talents in acting.

The actor, who finds its easy going even in short cameos in star films, has excelled in many roles in the past. Indrajith presently in the sets of Vinayan film ‘Hareendran Oru Nishkalagan’ is looking forward for chances to make his debut in Tamil.

He has recently received a call from his long time friend and Tamil superstar Vikram, to appear as the main villain in his new film ‘Kandhasamy’.

Indrajith whose immediate dates are blocked by a number of films in Malayalam has not decided yet about joining the film