Tuesday, 20 November, 2007

Hareendran Oru Nishkalangan - Review

Hareendran Oru Nishkalangan
Benny Ignatious
Indrajeet, Jayasurya, Bhama, Sherin, Jagathy

By Moviebuzz

Vinayan seems to be out of form these days. His latest Hareendran Oru Nishkalangan, fails to impress even though it has timely message. The trouble with the film is that it falls between two stools, and post interval there is no real story to say.

Hareendran (Indrajith) is a software tycoon who runs Starlines a very successful listed company. His right-hand man is his childhood friend Gopalakrishnan (Jayasurya), called GK. Hareendran is a nice guy, who is straightforward and trusts people blindly, while GK is a cunning fox in sheep's clothes. His sole aim in life is to con Hareendran and take over his company one day. Hareendran's mother (Ambika) fixes his marriage to Indu (Bhama) who is in love with Alex (Manikuttan), a self styled left sympathizer who threw up his IT job for the party! And GK uses his girlfriend Pooja (Sherin) to influence Hareendran to make him the executive director in Starlines.

The villainous GK uses others like a pawn in a chess game, and manipulates them to his advantage which results in Indu running away with Alex a few minutes before Hareendran was to tie the Thali around her neck! This leaves Hareendran shattered, and he becomes an alcoholic and leaves GK to run the company. But a few days later GK is brutally murdered and Hareendran is accused of killing him, and a media witch-hunt start and he is unable to defend himself even after the court acquits him and in the climax the real murderer is found!

The media targeting innocent persons and tarnishing their image is a regular occurrence in Kerala It is a very topical subject, which could have been handled with a little more care by the director. The other message in the film is about today's youth's craze for material comforts in a society ruled by share prices in the stock exchange. Indrajith looks uncomfortable in the innocent tycoon's role, Jagathy, Salim Kumar provide their usual comedy, while Jayasurya has done a similar smiling villain in Arabikatha. Bhama who made a sensational debut in Nivediyam has hardly any role, Sherin is there to provide glamour. Usually a Vinayan film will have atleast one hummable number, but Benny Ignatious's music lacks punch.

On the whole Vinayan had a very topical issue, which after his commercial packaging for entertainment purpose lost its focus and fizzled out. Better luck next time!

Verdict: Average

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