Monday, 30 July, 2007

Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri - Review

After much waiting and many shifting of release dates, K Madhu's Nadhiya Kollapetta Rathri has finally hit the screens. The film as expected has some thing fresh to offer providing edge of the seat entertainment, keeping us guessing, all through.

Nadhiya Kollapetta Rathri begins from where the Railway Division of Salem forms a Railway Anti-Criminal Task Force (RACT), which is headed by Dr. Sharafuddin Tharamasi IPS, an encounter specialist, whose is a hardened officer who has already taken 16 lives in his encounters. He with his trusted men in RACT provides additional support to hinder railway crimes. And as a part of their work, they start to investigate seven cases associated with railway that are still left without clues, of which top priority is given to the Souparnika Express case, who left a black mark on railway security.

Souparnika Express, between Chennai and Mangalore on its inaugural run, years back witnessed three murders, of which two were branded as suicides. Sharpshooter Nadiya Mather, who had boarded the train after missing her flight, was found brutally wounded, which left her in a vegetative state for a year. The assailant used a scalpel to stab her in the head, leaving her brain dead with no signs of recovery.

Two other ladies - danseuse Thulasimani was found hanging inside the coupe in which she was alone and was locked from inside. NDTV reporter Sreya Maria was later found lying dead on the tracks. All three were traveling in the same AC First Class Compartment, having seven coupes.

Sharafuddin Tharamasi and his team, calls back all those who were associated with the case, including all the travelers in the compartment, the TT Thatthankottu Muthu , AC attender and the railway officer Kathireshan who first investigated the case. The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle about versions and reasons for various murders are meticulously scattered across an engrossing first half. The later half explains how the forces solve the cases and what happens in the deceptions that various characters take into themselves. K Madhu and A K Sajan play by the rules but doesn't disappoint. The thriller slows down its pace in the latter half, but with more action and suspense ensue. The makers won’t let the cat out of this bag, till the dead end that keeps us glued in the seats.

The novelty of the film is definitely that there are three murders committed on a single night on a train, of which the victims are in no way related. The script is tight, with most ends tied up. Though the fake blood, some overdone dramatic sequences in the first half, and the super star mostly as a one man dialogue presenter looks foul, the overall production is slick. Shots of trains, top angle shots of moving express trains sprinkled all over creates the atmosphere of urgency. Snappy editing and quick-paced action help take the tension to a feverish pitch. Interspersed with the frantic chases are moments of relief provided by Suraj as the TT and Anoop as the A C attender.

Suresh Gopi as Sharafuddin Tharamasi does not seem fresh, because he has been doing such roles far too often, but the character is safe in his hands. Whatever its antecedents, this is just another cleverly packaged one-man show for him. The entire story is designed to suit his energetic style of acting as he infuses the drama with tremendous anxiety, particularly in the first half, with his edgy body language

Kavya Madhavan has got another two meaty characters in the film, to show her potential after a long time. Others in the cast including Siddhique, Shammi Thilakan, Urmila Unni, Subair, Sureshkrissna,Vijakumar and Madhupal too have done their respective roles well.

As for the technical aspects, art-direction by Gireesh Menon and cinematography by Anandakuttan deserve special mention, as both have worked to the extremes to give the real feel to the shots shot on train.. Editing too is slick to suit a fast paced thriller. .

Despite its a little lagging in the second half, Nadhiya Kollapetta Rathri makes an impact because of tightly written screenplay, the performances and the effective use of the moving train as a backdrop for some genuinely gripping sequences of investigation.

Altogether, definitely worth for a meticulous watch.

Dileep as Speechless Man

Dileep is a thinking actor who always thinks to present him differently on screen. And in the last few years he has appeared in a variety of roles and get ups to avoid stereotyping.

With this intent he is also trying to promote new directors too. One of his new projects is with director Dr. Biju who shot to fame with the film Saira which was even shown at Cannes.

And for the new film, he is planning to appear as a character who is speechless. The film with his dumb character is titled Raman. The film is going to take off in a couple of months.

Friday, 27 July, 2007

Rosshan Andrrews is back with NADODIKKATTU 4

Roshan Andrews is a director who cares much for the products that he creates. He conceive commercial cinema as an artistic creation rather than a saleable product, which is evident from his first two films Udayananu Tharam and Notebook which were good commercial hits and artistic creations.

But now the director is coming up with projects that are sure commercial successes. The first among them is a sequel to the famous Nadodikkattu films which were directed by Sathyan Anthikkad and Priyadarshan.

Roshan will be directing the four part of the group, which will have again Mohanlal and Sreenivasan as Daasan and Vijayan.

James Albert, the scriptwriter of super hit film Classmates, will pen the scripts for this film which is planned to take off by the first months of 2008.

Apart from these, Roshan also have two other projects with Mammootty and Mohanlal, both scripted by Bobby and Sanjay, the scriptwriters of Notebook.

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Thursday, 26 July, 2007


Shimit Amin
Aditya Chopra
Sudeep Chatterjee
Ganesh Acharya
Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant
Shahrukh Khan, Vidya Malvade

Jo nahin ho sakta hai, wahi to karna hai...

Kabir Khan (Shahrukh Khan) knows what it's like to come back from the dead. The ex Indian Captain has now come back in the avatar of the Coach of the Indian Women's National Hockey team. A team that exists more on paper and less in reality.
The team is a rag-tag bunch of girls with their own agenda. A bunch of girls who have forgotten what it is like to play for the love of the game. Of playing because you want glory for your country. Not because you want a pensioned job or a government flat. They have all forgotten the sharp thrill of just holding the hockey stick, keeping their eyes on the ball and playing for all they are worth. They have played every game but hockey to make sure they get selected every year in the Indian National team. But what does it really mean to play for the Indian National team? To play for India? Mujhe sirf ek mulk ka naam sunaai deta hai-India

The girls have never known the thrilling energy of being Team India. Of giving their all to see their country's name on a trophy. But Kabir Khan, once a captain, now forgotten, does. He knows what it takes to get there. And what it means to return empty handed. This time, he wants to make sure that it's different. He knows there are no second chances. Despite his past, he believes that if only the girls played as one, anything would be possible.
Because Kabir Khan believes that it is not that we can't win. It's just that we have never believed we can.

Chak De India is the story of a coach's fight of making his team, Team India by overcoming their diverse backgrounds, by learning to use everything that life hurls on them as a secret weapon. It's a story about honesty, sincerity and integrity. A story to remind the nation of its National sport.

Character Sketch

The Coach

Shahrukh Khan as Kabir Khan
Once the hero of Indian Hockey, the best centre forward in the world, the man a nation found a hero in. And the man it sentenced to hell.
Now he has decided to make a last comeback to the game he once loved, to reclaim his lost honour and prove his point to the nation he still loves. By doing the impossible. Making a rag-tag bunch of loser girls a team. And the World Champions. The only problem is-it is easier said than done.

The Girls

Preeti Sabarwal
Position: Center Forward
Jersey Number: 9

Home State: Chandigarh

Preeti went to the best public schools, but on her way to the U.S. from there, took a sharp left towards the Punjab University and its hockey team for reasons best known to her. Chandigarh captain, she looks like a Princess and plays like the Terminator. The only one she is close to is her iPod. Would you then blame the rest of her mostly rural team-mates for calling her mem? She has a secret, but then, that's a secret.

Komal Chautala
Position: Right In

Jersey Number: 8

Home State: Haryana
The Rohtak Express, also known as chhokra in her village for her tomboyishness, and as chhipkali in the field for her devious dribbling. Born to tough Jats, she has just one regret -that she wasn't born a boy. But she's doing all she can to make up, including not using make-up. Ever.

Bindia Naik

Position: Center Half
Jersey Number: 5
Home State: Maharashtra
Experience corrupts, and too much experience corrupts completely. A veteran of field positions, federation politics and award manipulations, she could make any team's dirty tricks department proud, if she wasn't the department herself in real life.

Vidya Sharma

Position: Goalie and Captain

Jersey Number: 18

Home State: Madhya Pradesh

Just married. And it already looks like she will have to divorce hockey. She knows this is probably her last tournament but can she give up hockey for marriage?

Balbir Kaur
Position: Left Defender

Jersey Number: 3

Home State: Punjab

Known as tataiya, bhootni, rakshas and ghatotkach on any given day depending upon what she has done lately, everybody in the team is terrified of her temper. Fearless, sometimes to the point of being brainless, she is the team's main hope against the giant Australian girls and the ruthless Argentinean zagalonas. Heart of gold, in a body of armour-plated steel.

Aliya Bose

Position: Right Out
Jersey Number: 7
Home State: West Bengal
Sexy Aliya should have been born in the swinging seventies. The world is a winery of boys and she is the taster-in-chief. And she takes her job very seriously. In her spare time she also plays hockey. Unfortunately, she is good at it and so year after year, team managers and coaches have tolerated her.

Gunjan Lakhani

Position: Right Half

Jersey Number: 4

Home State: Andhra Pradesh

his Hyderabadi potti has seen it all, because she knows when to shut her eyes. Playing with seniors Bindia and Aliya has taught her only one thing there are more games off the field than on it. And a smart player knows how to stay out to stay in.

Rani Dispotta

Position: Right Defender
Jersey Number: 2
Home State: Jharkhand
Rani still remembers the time she moved from her jungle village to Ranchi Sports School. And that makes her an expert on how to handle the city-breds, or manhandle them if need be. She knows enough Hindi to offend anyone and enough English to defend herself, especially on the field.

Soimoi Kerketa

Position: Substitute

Jersey Number: 17

Home State: Jharkhand

From Jharkhand Grameen Adivasi Balika Kalyan Kendra Vidyalaya on the edge of Ghamorni jungle, straight New Delhi. Dicey Hindi and devious English confound her as much as hair-raising roads, blood-curdling cars and monstrous skyscrapers. Not to mention the other creatures around her who call themselves girls. But she knows what to do with a stick and a ball. That she knows.

Nethra Reddy

Position: Left Out

Jersey Number: 11

Home State: Andhra Pradesh

The grounds-man's little daughter who grew up in stadiums among players and dreamt of being one herself. All she ever wanted to do was to make her dad proud and finally, she's an inch away from her dream...

Gul Iqbal

Position: Left In

Jersey Number: 10

Home State: Uttar Pradesh

Hockey legend Mohammad Iqbal's grand-daughter. Her family's history is Indian Hockey's history. And nobody ever lets her forget that. Whether she wants it or not.

Molly Zimik

Position: Left Half

Jersey Number: 6
Home State: Manipur
Mary Ralte Position: Substitute Jersey Number: 15 Home State: Mizoram The talented hockey duo from the North East. Their school books taught them that they are Indians but Indians taught them otherwise. The only reason they play for the National team is that it is the only National team they can play for. They would love to belong but not to the team that calls them 'foreign', and definitely not to the people that call them 'loose'. So they stick together and play. For the love of the game and the honour of their people.

SRK -Shankar coming together?

A rumour is flying that Shahrukh Khan and director Shankar would come together for their next.

SRK was highly impressed after with Shankar's directorial skills, after watching Sivaji starring Rajnikanth in the lead role.And apparently Shankar has approached SRK for his next venture, supposedly, a sci-fi flick (it is tentatively titled Robo).

Interestingly, Shankar had considered
Hrithik Roshan for the project. It is learnt that Hrithik has opted out because he would commence shooting for Krissh 2.

It is rumoured that SRK has agreed to be part of the movie. SRK will be producing the film for Shankar with the post-production in the USA.

Dasavatharam - Secrets Revealed

Producer Oscar Ravichandran has reportedly previewed the rushes of Dasavatharam to few media persons in Chennai. Until now everything about the movie was kept under the wraps.

One of the costliest films to be made in Tamil, Dasavatharam has created a lot of hype since it features Kamal Haasan in ten different roles. Directed by K S Ravikumar, the movie features Asin, Mallika Sherawat among others in the cast. Ravikumar has brought Himesh Reshammiya from Mumbai to score music for the movie.

According to reports appeared in a section of vernacular press, Dasavatharam features Kamal Haasan in never-seen-before roles.
The actor, who strives for excellence in every film of his, has donned different make ups for Dasavatharam and makes the sets find it difficult to recognize Kamal Haasan.

The movie is about Kamal Haasan and Asin, who embarks of a journey in search of a secret. In their journey, they encounter nine different characters, all played by Kamal Haasan himself.

Kamal appear as a 90-year-old lady with a hunchback, he plays an unidentifiable tribal leader and appears very dark.
The highlight is a 70-year-old with a fair complexion played by Kamal Haasan. For a baddy role, the actor appears as a tall and fat man with a different face. Kamal also don a comical role plays a Japanese youth besides the role of the US President George Bush, according to the reports in the media.

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Director change for Vandematharam.

Mammootty's bilingual project Vande Matharam will now be completed by the debutante, T Aravind, another film institute product.

The producer who started the film with Karthi as director, later decided to replace him after a schedule of shooting.

The film has Sneha doing the female lead. Tamil Star Arjun also appears in a prominent role in the film.

The second schedule of the film will start in a short while. Produced by Henry in the banner of Pankaj Productions, the film has music by Vidya Sagar.

Wednesday, 25 July, 2007

Stop Violence 2 is coming...wait for Sathan begins

A K Sajan is planning to make a sequel to his film Stop Violence of 2001, which placed Prithviraj to star status.

The film which was the first to tell the story behind the ugly faces of the beautiful Cochin, became a trend setter whose repercussions follows even in the films of the recent years like Baba Kalyani, Sketch, November Rain and Big B.

Prithviraj will play the role of son of Sathaan that he portrayed in the first film.

In the new version the gangster is a techno savvy guy who roams around with laptops instead of guns and bullets. The film will be cinematographed by Jibu Jacob.

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Suresh Gopi in and as Raja Ravi Varma directed by Lenin Rajendran

Malayalam action hero Suresh Gopi is taking a rest from his busy schedules with guns and bullets.

For the time being he is preparing himself to become Raja Ravi Varma, one of the greatest painters India has produced. He will be playing the role of the famous painter in the Malayalam film Raja Ravi Varma which is planned to start in a month’s time will be made by award winning director Lenin Rajendran.

Even though a few similar projects was announced last year, this will be the first one to be made in Malayalam. Malayalee Film maker Shaji N Karun is also making one in English and Hindi, which bases the lives of the renowned painter when he was living in Bombay.

Raja Ravi Varma the 13th film by Lenin Rajendran will deal mostly with the trials and tribulations of the great artist who did not get due recognition during his lifetime.
Suresh Gopi, when speaking on the role yesterday at the state capital, remarked that it is a challenge for him to play the role of an artist because it was very different from the action roles that he usually played.

Gopi added that drawing or painting had never been his forte and he would have to spend some time with artists to give a touch of realism to the character that he is destined to play.

A debutante will play the female lead in the film as Varma's model and wife. The film will be shot in and around Mysore, Maharashtra and Kerala and will be one of the earlier releases of the star, next year.

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Lakshmi Rai against Mohanlal in 'Rock n Roll'

Popular Tamil actress Lakshmi Rai will play the heroine in Rock N Roll directed and scripted by Renjith.

She plays Daya Sreenivas, a singer in the film. Radhika and Shweta Menon are the other two heroines of the film.

The movie went to floors last Monday in Kozhikode. Shaji Kailas, T A Razak, T A Shahid, M Padm Kumar, Ganesh, Vijaya Kumar, Aroma Mohan among others were present at the function.

Vidya Sagar composes music for the songs penned by Girish Puthencherry. Manoj Pillai handles camera. The film is produced by P M Venugopal.
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Seethakalyanam slated for August release.

Revathy Kala Mandhir has finally decided to release their Seetha Kalyanam by next month.

The film directed by T K Rajeev Kumar was completed months back and was waiting in the cans for long. The film is the only project of Jayaram to be released, as per the industry reports.

Jyothika appear in the female lead in the film, which also has Indrajith, Geethu Mohandas, Jagdish, Janardhanan, Siddique, Bhiman Raghu, Manorama, Devi Ajith, Bindu Panicker, and Kalpana.

The music release of the film was done in last year by A R Rehman, who was here to see his friend and singer Srinivas debuting into music direction. The film is said to have excellent camera work by Rajeev Ravi.

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Tuesday, 24 July, 2007

Mohanlal injured during Alibhai Climax shooting

Superstar Mohanlal was injured during the climax action scenes of his Onam film Ali Bhai in Red Hills location near Chennai.

What happened was that a dummy gun held by the "villain"( a Mumbai actor) accidentally went off during the shoot, hitting Mohanlal in the lower eyelid. Immediately director Shaji Kailas and other unit members rushed him to a nearby hospital, and first aid was provided.
After an hour, Lal was back to the sets, and completed the shot. The complete professional that he is, he went for the dubbing of the film in the evening.

Mohanlal said: "Nothing to worry about, I fealt a minor irritation on my face. All these are occupational haphazards, when you do action scenes."

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Alibhai plans to make it big on Independence Day

Mohanlal's Onam Offering Alibhai is planning to make a big release on August 15, two weeks before the festival day.

Scheduled to hit on 60 centres across the state, the film will be relea
sed in four centres in the capital city. This will be first feat by a Malayalam film, the only previous being that of Sivaji.

The film produced by Aashirvaad Cinema will also be released in

six centres outside the state including Madras and Banglore. Directed by Shaji Kailas, this four crore extravaganza is said to be an action thriller.

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Suresh Gopi plans two onam releases!

Suresh Gopi will have a big Onam this year with two releases for the festival. The first to hit the theatres will be Black Cat, directed by Vinayan, which will make through by the 15th of August, pitted against Mohanlal's Ali bhai.

And on the Thiruvonam day will arrive, Kichamani MB A, the official Onam film of the star. Directed by debutant Samad mankada, this film is one of the rarest films by the star intended to raise the funny nerves of the viewers.

If doing well, Suresh Gopi's Nadhiya Kollapetta Rathri planned for a release this week end will also survive in theatres to make it three for Onam.

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Mammooty in to Raudram!!

After completing Nasrani which is scheduled for Onam, Mammootty will join the film by Renji Panikkar. The movie which is tentatively titled as Raudram will present the star again in the role of a Key administrative officer of the state.

The film as usual will have bombastic dialogues and the present political condition of the state after Mooonar debacle will be reviewed.

The character to be presented by Mammootty will have the shades of special officer Suresh Kumar, who is enmeshed between two big leaders of the same party who are supposed to be sworn enemies.

The film will be the Ramzan release of the star.

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Monday, 23 July, 2007

Dileep flying high!!!

Now after giving Vinodayathra the biggest hit of the year, there is nothing to worry about Dileep's career as he is committed to do a dozen films, and his Vinodayatra is one of the biggest hits of the year.

Now for the next six months, he has a super line-up of films to be released- all with directors with proven track records. First of the biggies is Blessy directed thriller Kolkotta News, with Meera Jasmine and Vimala Raman as his leading ladies. The film releases for Onam, on August 23.

Dileep who is now in Kolkotta completing Blessy's film, then joins his favourite director Lal Jose who has given him two blockbusters Meesa Madhavan and Chandupottu, and the hit Chandran Udikunnu Dikku., from August 7 in Palakkad. Lal Jose is bringing together the Chandupottu team of Dileep and Gopika together in Mulla (Jasmine). It is a village based comedy film, likely to be Dileep's Perunaal (Ramzan) release in October.

After completing Mulla, Dileep starts work on a romantic musical comedy Romeo, to be directed Rajasenan, on a script written by hit makers Rafi-Mecartin who are also the producers of the film. Dileep is likely to have three heroines – Gopika, Kavya and Navya in the film. Romeo is slated to be Dileep's Christmas release.

And in December Dileep will start the shoot of his own multi-starrer for artist association AMMA. Dileep has brought all the rights for this film made by AMMA, with Mammootty, Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi, Dileep and Jayaram along with all other stars featured in it. The script of the film is being written by Sibi-Udayan team, and is to be directed by Joshy.

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Rajnikanth in Brazil for making of Sultan!!!!

'Super Star' Rajnikanth, who had been on a vacation to USA, will touch down Brazil to shoot for his daughter Soundarya Rajnikanth's movie Sultan: The Warrior. It is a Rajnikanth's animated movie being produced by Adlabs and Ocher Studios and will unfold exciting drama for the audience.

Directed by Soundarya Rajnikanth, Sultan the Warrior features 'Super Star' as a larger-than-life hero in gripping action.

In order to create the cartoon sketches, Rajnikanth has reportedly flown to Brazil along with his daughter.

Sultan The Warrior will target the adults and children, both in India and the rest of the world. The film will be launched in English, Telugu Hindi and English.

The film is expected for release during the end of 2008.

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Mani back to Comedies...

Many will remember that Kalabhavan Mani, who grew to become a big name in the southern film industry, debuted into filmdom playing character and humorous roles.
In many films of the early nineties he was the main comedian sharing the screen space with Jayaram, Mukesh and Dileep.
As the actor rose to fame with independent hits as the sole hero, his films told serious stories placing him as an action hero. The last few films of Mani in Malalyalam carried the same formula from the presentations to the climax.
But now, Mani is planning to think different. His next project as the hero is a humorous story in which he will also have popular comedian Undapakru 'Ajaya Kumar ' in an important role. The film is titled as Big John, Little John.
The other cast and crew of the film are yet to be confirmed.

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Sunday, 22 July, 2007

Navivedyam will be an Onam Treat!!

Director Lohithadas has decided to shift the releasing dates of his new movie Naivedhyam to Onam.

The film which presents a bunch of newcomers, tells a more realistic love story in the scripts of the director.

Lohithadas is said to have found an actress for playing the central character of the film who equals in talents with the likes of Manju Warrier, who was another Lohithadas find.

The movie presents Vinoo Anand, grandson of famous actor Kottarakkara as the hero. The film has also invited media interests for the sets of the temple, constructed by Prasanth Madhav for the important sequences of the film.

Mohanlal says The new Sholay is different..

Mohanlal, who is presently at Kozhikode, engaged with his onam release Ali Bhai is also keen on the results of his second Hindi outing, the new Sholay by Ram Gopal Varma. The film which was recently renamed as Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag will also hit the release centres during the Onam season in Kerala.

As every Malayalam moviegoers are very much interested to know, how their hero has performed in the role originally done by Sanjeev Kumar, Lal is trying to keep a low profile of the role.

"As this film has taken only the basic structure from the original, you cannot compare the characters of this film to those of Sholay. Almost all the characters in the new version carry different names and the plot is planted on the underworld. The name of the character I portray is Narasimha, an encounter specialist, who catches Gabbar Singh at a point in the film. I am not doing it the way Sanjeev Kumar did. I have enacted the role of Narasimha the way I can. Like the name suggests, he is a South Indian with a wife and family”.

Mohanlal also find it a god's grace to share onscreen with the legend Amitabh Bachchan. “My first shot was Amitabh Bachchan chopping my fingers off. I had to scream and I lost my voice the next day because of that. This film is more crude and violent”, remarks Lal on the new venture.

Mohanlal debuted into Hindi with Ram Gopal Varma's Company which was a hit in Bollywood. The actor's performance in the film carried rave reviews and he was acknowledged with many awards.

Now that the new film is destined to get released by the last week of August, all eyes are on to see another mesmerizing performance from the extremely talented actor.

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Thursday, 19 July, 2007

After Vasco Da Gama its Alexander The Great for Mohanlal

Mohanlal is wielding the character of Alexander the great in the new movie by Murali Nagavally. But don't think that Lal is on the gown of the great historic character.
After Vasco Da Gama, that he portrayed in Chotta Mumbai, this Alexander is also a Kerala born character, who rose to fame for his abnormal ways.

The character is scripted by P Balachandran, who has earlier written for Lal in films like Pavithram. Produced by V B K Menon in the banner of Anugraha Cine arts, the film will be festival movie shot in and around Pondicherry, Goa and Mumbai.

Alexander, the great will be one of the immediate projects of Lal which will be released in the early months of 2008.

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Nasrani - Mammooty pairs with Vimala Raman

Mammootty plays a typical Kottayam Achayan after a long time in Nasrani. This Joshy directed film has special punch lines from writer Ranjit, who has written the script for the film.

Mammooka plays David John Kottarathil, a rich planter with style and élan. Vimala, plays Sara, a lecturer and his childhood sweetheart. Mukta is a medical student Annie whose education is sponsored by David. Kalabhavan Mani is in the role of David's trusted driver and Man Friday Sukumar.

Nasrani is a family entertainer, and also features Jagathy,Lalu Alex,Bharat Gopi,Siddique, Sai Kumar, K.P.A.C Lalitha, Ambica Mohan etc. A new music director Bijil, is in charge of providing the songs.

The film is being shot in one schedule in and around Kochi, and is likely to release for Onam.

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thrisha....expectations running high

Trisha is eagerly awaiting the release of Kireedam. The movie starring Ajith and Trisha in the lead roles is expected to hit the screens on 20 July.
Lavishing praises on Ajith, she says, “He is one of the gorgeous actors in Tamil cinema. It is a great compliment to work with him”.
Trisha and Ajith had earlier acted together in Ji. On Kireedam, she says, “It is an emotional film. Both Raj Kiran and Ajith have given their best try. Debutant A L Vijay has done an excellent job in wielding the megaphone”.
On her role, she says that she has donned the role of a mischievous girl and has enough scope to perform.
Trisha has also completed shooting for Bheema. The movie directed by Lingusamy features Vikram opposite her.
Bheema, produced by A M Rathnam, too would hit the floors very soon.

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Release date shift for Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri!!

According to the latest news, K Madhu's investigative thriller Nadiya Kollapetta Rathri will make a release only by the last week of this month.
The film which has fixed its release by 27 of this month will make it to 44 centres all around the state. The flick was earlier planned to get released by the 19th of this month.
The postponement of the release is attributed to the bad climates that are prevailing in the state with heavy rains, chikungunya and the non availability of theatres following the big four superstar releases last week that has taken almost all the good centres of the state.

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Prithviraj moving up!!!

After a few years with less known directors in Malayalam and Tamil, Prithviraj is finally into the big league of mainstream directors.
He has recently been signed for a Tamil film to be directed by ace director Fazil. Know who is producing the film? It is none other than the most famous director that Malayalam produced, Priyadharshan.
Prithviraj has recently completed Kannamoochi Enada produced by Radhika and is also doing the Tamil remake of Udayananu Tharam.
In Malayalam, after completing Chocolate, he will join Kangaroo by Rajbabu

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Wednesday, 18 July, 2007

Gopika going steady

Gopika is shooting busy for Ali Bhai, the Mohanlal-starrer directed by Shaji Kailash.

A busy bee in various south Indian languages, Gopika says, “I have an interesting role in the Telugu film Veedu Maamulodu Kaadu. In Tamil, I have Veerappu with Sundar C releasing on 27 July. It is a remake of the Malayalam film Spatikam. I am playing the character that was played by Urvashi in Malayalam original”.

Gopika is also doing the Tamil remake of another Mohanlal hit Udayananu Tharam. She will play the role Meena donned in Malayalam. Prithviraj plays the role enacted by Mohanlal.

Her next Malayalam film will be directed by Rajasenan and the hero would be Dileep.

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Review Harry Potter and Order of the Pheonix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


David Yates


Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Alan Rickman

In "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," both the mood and color scheme are grim, gray and black. There is pink, as a matter of fact, but this belongs to the first female villain of the literary and film series.

The much-awaited film has a new director in British TV vet David Yates, and he and screenwriter Michael Goldenberg do a respectable job in keeping novelist J.K. Rowling's story on course. The problem, though, lies in that story and its course.

This is the fifth -- and longest at 800 pages -- book on which a "Harry Potter" film has been based. Consequently, this is a movie that feels like a reunion in a train station, in which even more characters get introduced and old friends revisited, making for a bewildering array of personages to keep track of even for those paying close attention. Then there is the fact this book -- and movie -- is a watershed of backstory, revelations and plot clarifications before heading into the two
remaining chapters. So while "Phoenix" is a necessary film, it's quite possibly the least enjoyable of the lot so far.

Which will not keep the multitudes from the multiplexes. Harry Potter is now a certifiable brand. Even the release of Rowling's climactic seventh book in three weeks' time and its promise to resolve all the loose ends will deter no one from checking out this behind-the-curve movie version.

Funnily enough, "Phoenix" ends up with everyone realizing what we, the audience, realized at the close of the last film, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" -- that the film's great but to this point almost ephemeral villain, Lord
Voldemort, has returned. Only it takes another 138 minutes for everyone, save Harry, to truly comprehend this fact. Consequently, looking back, when the series is finally completed, "Phoenix" may go down as the problematic film, full of plot but little fun.

It begins in a glum mood with Harry (Daniel Radcliffe, looking definitely older and more mature) moping about during summer holiday in the blighted land of the Muggles. His use of a bit of magic to save, of all people, his truly despised cousin Dudley results in an almost instant letter of expulsion from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for use of magic outside of school.

Headmaster Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) rushes to his successful defense in court, but upon his return to school, he finds that most students, other than pals Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint), steer clear of him. Even
Dumbledore shies away.

Harry suffers from nightmares, but even worse is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, the poisonous-in-pink Dolores Umbridge (Imelda Staunton). She is the amalgamation of all our worst high school teachers, a chronically strict and arrogant instructor who hands down decrees without the slightest concern for their impact.

It seems there is a political war afoot in which the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge (Robert Hardy), is in severe denial about the return of Voldemort. He prefers to view it as a rebellion by the school, its headmaster and that odious boy Harry. So the movie boils down to a series of moves and countermoves between a blind administration and a repressed student body.

There are any number of eye-catching moments here, some featuring otherworldy creatures, magic duels to the death, a clandestine though illicit wizardry school operated by Harry and rides through nighttime London skies. But the magic -- movie magic, that is -- is mostly missing in this outing.

The series also continues its shocking waste of talent. This includes why-bother appearances by the cream of British acting: Maggie Smith, Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Thompson, David Thewlis, Richard Griffiths, Julie Water, Robbie Coltrane (who, to be fair, was well used in previous films) and Ralph Fiennes (who, also to be fair, will as Voldemort make his major contribution in future films).

Certainly all design, visual effects, cinematography, costumes and editing are up the series' state-of-the-art standards.

White House set for Dasavatharam

Kamal Haasan's Dasavatharam is being shot now in Chennai Film City. The movie has been generating lot of news since Kamal Haasan is playing 10 different roles in the movie.The movie also features Mallika Sherawat and Asin in the cast.

Recently a grand set replicating White House was put up at the Film City. The White House is the official residence of US President.
US Consul General in Chennai David T Hopper was invited to the set and he went around the White House set. He expressed his awe and admiration for the huge set.

Kamal Haasan's Dasavatharam is one of the costliest films made in India. Bollywood's sought-after music composer Himesh Reshmaiyya is scoring the music for the movie, which is directed by K S Ravikumar and produced by Oscar Ravichandran.

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Vikram in to Kandasamy!

Vikram is known for the devotion he puts for the completeness of his roles., who toned up his physique and grew a beard for Bheema, has geared up to commence shooting for his Kandasamy.

Hence for Kandasamy, Vikram has sacrificed his beard and has lost few kilograms to look more trim and young.

One of the very few actors in Kollywood to constantly experiment with his roles, Vikram is confident that both Bheema and Kandasamy would go on to make it big.

Bheema is directed by Lingusamy, while Kandasamy would have Susi Ganesan.

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Tuesday, 17 July, 2007

Mohanlal becomes the highest paid actor ever in malayalam

Mohanlal has become, Malayalam cinema's highest paid actor with Thulasidas directed College Kumaran, produced by Emil and Eric. He also becomes the first actor to get an eight figure Sambalam (Salary), for a Malayalam film!

Mohanlal is reported to have been paid a whopping Rs 1.25 crore to do College Kumaran, by the producers who are real estate dealers from Trichur with NRI connections. Lalettan was earlier charging in the Rs 60 to Rs 75 Lakhs range. But for College Kumaran, he has given priority Tatkal dates.

The Pooja of the film took place in Kozhikode on Sunday, July 15, two days before the inauspicious Karkada masam starts. Vimala Raman is the heroine of the film, and the shoot will start as soon as Mohanlal completes his Ali Bhai by July 20.

Mohanlal plays a chronic bachelor and college canteen supervisor, who advices the students on everything under the sun, including matters of love! College Kumaran is slated for Ramzan release on October 12.

Mohanlal's Paradesi postponed to Ramzan

Mohanlal's ardent fans will have to wait for a couple of months more to see their favorite hero’s one of the best performance in Paradesi.

The film which was completed months back will now grace the release centres only by Ramzan. Directed by P T Kunju Mohammed, the film has Lal in very different getup in the character of Valiakath Moosa.

The film tells his story from the younger age to him becoming an old man of 90. Produced by Antony Perumbaavoor in a new banner A and A productions, the movie features Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Shwetha Menon and Padmapriya as heroines.

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Romeo - New Dileep and Vinayan film!!!

After a several months of fiery sessions and word fights with the producers association, director Vinayan is again back to directing films.

He has announced his new film, this time with Superstar Dileep . The film titled Romeo will start immediately after Dileep completes Calcutta News that is scheduled for Onam.

Gopika will be the heroine of this film which will be a year end release.

Meanwhile Vinayan's Black Cat with Suresh Gopi which has been completed long back will grace the theatres in a matter of few months.

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Fresh Sunrise.....I am Starting

Hi all you guys…I mean all mallus and non mallus out there..

I love films..when I say I love..i am madly in love with movies really…

Movies are my passion… I am seeing all movies coming in Malayalam…

I am also seeing major part of Hindi, English and Tamil movies too…

I had some personal blogs before..but I simply ran out of interesting subjects there….

Then I got the spark. Why cant I start blogging about my favorite passion.. The Movies…

That’s how this blog is born…

Here you will find all the latest happening in Indian and international movie world..

Don’t forget to Check back …Bye for Now…