Monday, 5 November, 2007

BOOT - Suresh gopi -Shaji kailas combo

The new film by the hit team Shaji Kailas- Suresh Gopi film titled 'Boot' started its shooting precisely a month ago. But the latest news suggests that Shaji has completed the shooting for the film in a record 22 days!

The film produced by Pyramid Saimira in the scripts of Rajesh Jayaraman is now in the post-production stages.

'Boot' which was shot mostly in the high ranges of Idukki also invited media interest as no media men were encouraged to be in the location , during the time of shooting. And after the shoot Shaji and his script writer Rajesh Jayaram are still refusing to elaborate on the story. The synopsis given to the press largely tells about the tragic love story between Bala and Honey, and no clues are given whether Suresh Gopi is playing a cop, or not.

The film features only 15 characters played by Murali Maniyanpillai Raju, Krishnakumar, Raghu, Rajan P Dev, Riza Bava, Bheeman Reghu, Biju Pappan, Lakshana and Hani Rose apart from the lead.

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