Thursday, 26 July, 2007

SRK -Shankar coming together?

A rumour is flying that Shahrukh Khan and director Shankar would come together for their next.

SRK was highly impressed after with Shankar's directorial skills, after watching Sivaji starring Rajnikanth in the lead role.And apparently Shankar has approached SRK for his next venture, supposedly, a sci-fi flick (it is tentatively titled Robo).

Interestingly, Shankar had considered
Hrithik Roshan for the project. It is learnt that Hrithik has opted out because he would commence shooting for Krissh 2.

It is rumoured that SRK has agreed to be part of the movie. SRK will be producing the film for Shankar with the post-production in the USA.

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