Tuesday, 24 July, 2007

Mohanlal injured during Alibhai Climax shooting

Superstar Mohanlal was injured during the climax action scenes of his Onam film Ali Bhai in Red Hills location near Chennai.

What happened was that a dummy gun held by the "villain"( a Mumbai actor) accidentally went off during the shoot, hitting Mohanlal in the lower eyelid. Immediately director Shaji Kailas and other unit members rushed him to a nearby hospital, and first aid was provided.
After an hour, Lal was back to the sets, and completed the shot. The complete professional that he is, he went for the dubbing of the film in the evening.

Mohanlal said: "Nothing to worry about, I fealt a minor irritation on my face. All these are occupational haphazards, when you do action scenes."

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