Thursday, 26 July, 2007

Dasavatharam - Secrets Revealed

Producer Oscar Ravichandran has reportedly previewed the rushes of Dasavatharam to few media persons in Chennai. Until now everything about the movie was kept under the wraps.

One of the costliest films to be made in Tamil, Dasavatharam has created a lot of hype since it features Kamal Haasan in ten different roles. Directed by K S Ravikumar, the movie features Asin, Mallika Sherawat among others in the cast. Ravikumar has brought Himesh Reshammiya from Mumbai to score music for the movie.

According to reports appeared in a section of vernacular press, Dasavatharam features Kamal Haasan in never-seen-before roles.
The actor, who strives for excellence in every film of his, has donned different make ups for Dasavatharam and makes the sets find it difficult to recognize Kamal Haasan.

The movie is about Kamal Haasan and Asin, who embarks of a journey in search of a secret. In their journey, they encounter nine different characters, all played by Kamal Haasan himself.

Kamal appear as a 90-year-old lady with a hunchback, he plays an unidentifiable tribal leader and appears very dark.
The highlight is a 70-year-old with a fair complexion played by Kamal Haasan. For a baddy role, the actor appears as a tall and fat man with a different face. Kamal also don a comical role plays a Japanese youth besides the role of the US President George Bush, according to the reports in the media.

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